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How to Get Dog Smell out of Carpet: 5 Best Options

Dogs are the most loved pet among the families. We consider them part of our family. Snuggling with puppies in your bed is cute but that Pooh perfume is not cute at all.  It is not easy to avoid the natural activities of the dogs. They will play, urinate, and move in and out of the house anytime which leaves your carpet in a mess of smell. People think it is a tough task to remove the dog smell from the carpet. You must be wondering how to get dog smell out of carpet. 

Best Ways to Get Rid of the Dog Smell of Carpet

1. Use of Vacuuming to Remove Pet Hair and Smell from Carpet

vacuum cleaner
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Before doing anything, an ideal housekeeper should vacuum the carpet regularly. Vacuuming helps in reaching the hidden areas where the hair and solid waste of dogs are stuck. Scrap and smell within the carpet fiber do not stand a chance if vacuuming is done regularly. Pets can carry disease-causing organisms or other stuff that may leave scrap on the carpet too. All such factors create an irrational mess. Therefore regular vacuuming is important to keep the carpet smell-free. 

An appropriate vacuuming process includes the following:

  • Using a good quality vacuum
  • Moving the vacuum in the right way
  • Regularly changing the vacuum system filters.

Is there any proper way of vacuuming?

Yes, there is a correct way of Vaccuming. When the vacuum cleaner moves towards the back while pulling its suction power is highest. It functions better when movements are gradual and in systematic patterns. 

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The vacuum must have a powerful filter that traps even the tiny particles. 

2. Spreading the Carpet in sunlight

how to get dog smell out of carpet

Dogs and cats generally leave their body smell wherever they sleep or go. Apart from the smell, they may vomit or urinate on the carpet. Cleaning the mat may not completely eradicate the smell. Therefore Complimentary method is required. Some people take the carpet outside and expose it to sunlight and fresh air. Exposing the carpet can remove the bad smell. This is the most effective way if you have enough space on your balcony. If you reside in the rental units, the alternative method for you could be drawing the windows, doors, and curtains. The natural sunlight acts as a better source of removing the odor.

Make sure not to expose the carpet to sunlight for so long because it can damage the carpet.

3. By using Vinegar and Baking Soda

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The blend of baking soda and vinegar is a strong hair and odor remover. Vinegar has the germ-killing ability while baking soda soaks up the odor and spreads a sweet smell. Both of them are highly effective when cleaning indulging them as a complement to soap and water. 

Using the vinegaring agents and baking soda includes pouring them on a carpet that has dirt or mess. 

It is easy to remove the dirt using a normal brush if you leave cleaning agents on the carpet for some hours. Apart from the smell, this amazing blend of baking soda and vinegar removes the gentle stains. 

Vinegar is a strong solution but it does not clean carpet without scrubbing it. For effective cleaning, you must scrub the carpet. However, too much scrubbing can harm the carpet. 

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Alternatively, cleaning with baking soda is effortless and does not need scrubbing. Adding a little baking soda is enough to prepare the carpet for the vacuum process. It is a convenient way to clean your carpet. 

4. Chemical Cleaners

how to get dog smell out of carpet
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One best thing about chemical cleaners is that they are quickly effective. Some chemicals have perchloroethylene and other element. These cleaners requires precautions while using them:

  • Use of face mask to prevent inhalation
  • Hide from children and pets
  • Keeping all the doors and windows open until their effect is gone.

The issue with the chemical cleaners is their temporary effects. The odor resumes as soon as the impact of chemicals is eradicated. Better is to use enzyme-based chemicals because they function by killing the bacteria. Also, it is the safest way as it does not contain health risks to humans. 

5. Professional Carpet Cleaners

professional home cleaners
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All the methods discussed till now the the basic things that you can do. It is not possible to be better than professionals if you want to get rid of the dog smell on your carpet. 

Cleaning huge carpets at home can be a tough task. Yet machines and skilled professionals can do it easily. Additionally, professional cleaners can suggest the best methods or equipment to use. They can also recommend how to get dog smell out of carpet. 

Additional Tips:

There are some more things you can do to get the dog smell out of the carpet.

  • Keep your dog neat and clean to minimize the smell.
  • You can try steam cleaning with a professional carpet cleaner. 
  • Fill your house with fresh-smelling stuff. 


Any of the discussed methods can remove the dog smell from your carpet. Dogs have become a part of our daily lives now. They will continue being like pets, it’s your duty as the house owner to keep our house neat and clean. We hope it is clear to you how to get dog smell out of carpet. For more such effective and interesting topics, read our more articles.

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