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How To Make A List On SoftMaker Spreadsheet- The Complete Procedure

The common names that strike our mind whenever we talk about Spreadsheets are Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets. However, people are also getting to know about the SoftMaker Spreadsheet. They are now utilizing it to organize their data. This is one reason why the searches on how to make a list on SoftMaker Spreadsheet are constantly increasing. However, before moving to making lists, individuals should generally know what this software is about. Hence, let us discuss it briefly. 

What is SoftMaker Spreadsheet? 

SoftMaker Software is a German-based software company that is known for producing digital fonts and other software for office productivity. The SoftMaker Spreadsheet is just an example of the same. It basically comes under the name of PlanMaker. These spreadsheets are more or less similar to Microsoft Excel Sheets and Google Sheets. Additionally, another benefits of the SoftMaker Spreadsheets is they are also compatible with Microsoft Excel Sheets. 

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The procedure involved in how to make a list on SoftMaker Spreadsheet! 

Listed below are all the steps that should be followed to create a list on SoftMaker Spreadsheet. We suggest you attentively read all these steps to accomplish the same successfully. 

Step 1- Open The SoftMaker Application

No doubt, this is the first step involved in how to make a list on SoftMaker Spreadsheet. First, you must open the SoftMaker application and launch it on your computer. This is only possible if you have already downloaded this application on your system. In case you haven’t, you are first required to download and install the same from its official website

Step 2- Open A Spreadsheet In The SoftMaker Application

Users should now open a spreadsheet to create a list further. If you are already a SoftMaker user, you can select an existing spreadsheet. However, if you are new to this application, we suggest you select a new spreadsheet. This will help you better understand the process of making a list on the same.

Step 3- Choose The Cells To Create A List

There might be specific cells where you wish to create a list. You will have to select those particular cells to let your list appear over there. Or else, if you are practising, you are free to select the cells of your choice. In both cases, we advise that users should select adjoining cells to ensure that they get a clean list structure. 

Step 4- Move Forward With The Data Menu

After opening a spreadsheet on SoftMaker and selecting the adjoining cells, users are now supposed to navigate to the data menu. They can easily find it on the top of the toolbar. Additionally, users will also find various options related to data management over there.

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Step 5- Go Ahead With The ‘Sort and Filter’ Option

This is the last step involved in how to make a list on SoftMaker Spreadsheet. They are now supposed to select the ‘Sort and Filter option.’ They can easily find it under the data menu. Refer to the previous steps to navigate the data menu in SoftMaker Spreadsheet. 

Step 6- Apply Some Filter As Per Your Choice

This is an optional step that users might follow if they wish to apply filters to their list. They are free to use the AutoFilter option. However, applying filters is generally a practical way of optimizing large datasets. 

Winding up- 

We all know that lists are significant for all of us. They help us organize, manage, and analyze our essential data. As specified previously, all those readers who attentively read all these steps can now easily create a list on PlanMaker. This was our blog on the complete procedure involved in how to make a list on SoftMaker Spreadsheet. If there is any step that you can’t understand, ping us in the comments section. We will solve your query as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is this SoftMaker software all about?

Similar to Microsoft Excel, SoftMaker is a German-based company that produces various software that help increase office productivity. 

Is the SoftMaker Spreadsheet similar to Google Sheets?

Yes, the SoftMaker Spreadsheet and Google Sheets work similarly.

Can I merge my SoftMaker Spreadsheet with Microsft Excel?

The best part about the SoftMaker Spreadsheet is that it is compatible with Microsoft Excel. Hence, you can easily merge your SoftMaker Spreadsheet with Excel. 

Where can I find the data menu while creating a list in SoftMaker Spreadsheet?

Users first need to navigate to the Toolbar in SoftMaker Spreadsheet. Look carefully; you can find the data menu at the top of the Toolbar list over there. 


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