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Where Can I Watch Tokyo Revengers? Best Platforms Revealed! 

There are possibly two main reasons why you are wondering about where can I watch Tokyo Revengers. It is either because you are a die-heart anime fan. Or instead, the praises of Tokyo Revengers from all your friends made you develop an interest in it. Hence, you landed on this page while searching for the respective platforms to watch Tokyo Revengers. 

Irrespective of whatever factor brought you here, we would like to congratulate you. This is because from all those infinite pages on the internet, you landed on the correct page. In this blog, we will discuss some of the best platforms for you to watch Tokyo Revengers without any hassle. Hence, keep reading to get an overview and learn about the platforms to watch. 

Tokyo Revengers- An Overview! 

Where can I watch Tokyo Revengers

Written and illustrated by Ken Wakui, Tokyo Revengers is an action, science fiction thriller series. It is a series from the famous Japanese magazine manga. It is loved by a lot of people from all over the globe. 

The story revolves around a temp worker, Takemichi Hanagaki. He is 26 years old and has a gloomy life. He is further informed that his ex-girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, is no more. She died in a dispute which involved the Tokyo Manji Gang. 

One day, while Hanagaki returns from his part-time job, someone pushes him off the subway platform. Something weird happened, and he moved twelve years before. He went back to the time when they both were dating each other. Takemichi Hanagaki then decides that he is going to prevent his ex-girlfriend from dying. The story is further based on all his actions regarding the same. 

To know entirely about what Takemichi Hanagaki did to prevent his ex-girlfriend’s death, you need to watch the entire series of Tokyo Revengers. Hence, let us come back to our main topic and discuss some online streaming platforms for the same. 

Where can I watch Tokyo Revengers?

Here are some of the best platforms for you to watch Tokyo Revengers. We advise you to attentively read about all the platforms mentioned here. 

1. Hulu 

platforms to watch Tokyo Revengers
image credit- Hulu Official

Looking for answers on where can I watch Tokyo Revengers? Hulu has got you covered. Interested viewers can conveniently watch their favorite show on Hulu with a paid subscription. A monthly subscription of the same will cost you around 7.99 Dollars. On the other hand, viewers who regularly stream movies and shows on Hulu and wish to save more can also opt for a yearly subscription. It will cost you around 79.9 Dollars for a complete year. 

2. Amazon Prime 

amazon prime video
Image credit- 1000logos.net

If you are a Prime member, then you shouldn’t be asking where can I watch Tokyo Revengers? This is because Amazon Prime Video is one of the best online streaming platforms to watch Tokyo Revengers and other premium shows and movies. You will require a Prime subscription for the same.

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For additional information, interested viewers can get an Amazon Prive Video monthly subscription at just 14.99 Dollars. To save more, you can also opt for a yearly subscription. It will cost you around 139 Dollars per month. 

3. YouTube

Image credit- stock.adobe.com

YouTube is another fantastic platform for watching Tokyo Revengers. Irrespective of our geographical region, nationalities, languages, etc., YouTube is one platform we all are familiar with. Interested audiences can utilize the YouTube platform to quickly and conveniently watch Tokyo Revengers. 

The additional good news is that all the episodes of this particular show are available free of cost. As a result, viewers aren’t required to spend a penny to watch Tokyo Rvengers from the comfort of their homes. 

4. Crunchyroll

crunchyroll- where can i watch tokyo revengerss
Image credit- Crunchyroll Official

You must be aware of the fact that we have an answer to their every question. The same goes for your question, ‘Where can I watch Tokyo Revengers?’ as well. You can conveniently watch it on a platform known as Crunchyroll. To accomplish the same, all you need to do is get a paid subscription to Crunchyroll. That’s it. Grab your Coke and popcorn, and you are all set to enjoy Tokyo Revengers with your loved ones.

Crunchyroll offers different subscription plans. Interested viewers can get a monthly Fan subscription for only 79 Dollars, a monthly Mega Fan subscription for only 99 Dollars, and a Mega Fan yearly subscription for only 999 Dollars. 

5. Netflix

netflix- watch Tokyo Revengers
Image Credit- Netflix Official

Netflix Is another answer to your question, ‘Where can I watch Tokyo Revengers?’. It is indeed one of the best platforms to watch it. Additionally, there is no need to buy or rent it. Interested people can easily watch Tokyo Revengers with a Netflix subscription. Yes, you read it right. A Netflix subscription will provide you with access to watch all seasons of Tokyo Revengers.

Users can get a Netflix Standard with Ads subscription plan at 7 Dollars per month. Users can opt for a Netflix Standard subscription plan at 15.50 Dollars per month if they wish to eliminate ads. Moreover, to experience the premium benefits, users can avail of the Netflix Premium Subscription at only 21 Dollars per month.

How and where can I watch Tokyo Revengers if it is unavailable in my region?

There could be an issue in watching Tokyo Revengers even after trying on all the platforms mentioned above. The main reason behind this could be that Tokyo Revengers is restricted in your geographical region. There are some particular shows and movies like Tokyo Revengers, that may not be available in your country. 

This indicates that the question of where can I watch Tokyo Revengers still remains unanswered. So, what should you do in this situation? Does this mean that they cannot watch Tokyo Revengers? Will they ever be able to watch it? 

Hold on, there is nothing our readers should panic about. We have another way that will let you watch Tokyo Revengers without any hassle. Irrespective of your geographical region and the area restriction, you can stream your favorite show from the comfort of your home. This can be achieved with the help of a virtual private network (VPN). 

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How and where can I watch Tokyo Revengers after installing a VPN?

Firstly, users need to install a VPN on their computer system. They should further research the areas where Tokyo Revengers is available. Once done, they need to change their location using a VPN. This will enable them to watch Tokyo Revengers, even if it isn’t available in their geographical region. 

Some of the best VPNs available in the market! 

There is nothing to worry about if you are new to the concept of VPNs. We are listing some of the best VPNs available in the market. You can use any of these to watch Tokyo Revengers without hassle. 

1. Nord VPN

Nord VPN
Image credit- wikimedia.org

Nord VPN is a reputable and reliable VPN brand. Once purchased, users can install and use  Nord VPN on multiple devices. 

2. Surfshark VPN 

Image credit- wikipedia.org

Individuals looking for an affordable VPN with extensive features can install Surfshark VPN on their computer systems. It has an easy-to-use, secure interface that offers an expansive global network to its users. Hence, it can be an excellent choice for people wishing to see Tokyo Revengers in their geographical region.

3. Proton VPN 

Proton VPN
Image credit- wikipedia.org

Proton VPN is a reliable VPN system. Additionally, it is entirely free of cost. Hence, users who are new to VPNs and are learning to use them can give them a try. Most users might think of it as an unsafe VPN. However, there is nothing like that. People using Proton VPN have never complained about any security issues with it. Users can conveniently watch Tokyo Revengers without worrying about their security.

 You can use these three best virtual private networks to watch Tokyo Revengers. They can easily manipulate their IP address and access their favorite series even if it isn’t available in their geographical region. 

If you wish to know more about their prices and the features they offer, please visit their official websites. You can choose the VPN which meets your requirements and fits your budget. However, we want to confirm that all three VPNs are safe and secure. You can use anyone that suits all your needs and fits your pocket as well.  

Final Words

These were the platforms where our readers could watch Tokyo Revengers without any hassle. You might need a particular paid subscription for some platforms to access their content. On the other hand, there are platforms, such as YouTube, that allow you to stream all the episodes of Tokyo Revengers free of cost. And with this, our blog on where can I watch Tokyo Revengers ends. Additionally, users can also use a VPN to stream their favorite series if they are not available in their region. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I watch Tokyo Revengers?

1. There are many online platforms on which you can watch Tokyo Revengers. Some of these include Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Crunchyroll.

2. Can I watch Tokyo Revengers free of cost?

2. Yes, interested viewers can watch Tokyo Revengers on YouTube free of cost. They don’t need to buy any YouTube plan or pay any rent to stream both seasons of Tokyo Revengers. This entire series is available for free on YouTube.

3. What is the series of Tokyo Revengers all about?

3. The manga comic-based series revolves around a temp worker, Takemichi Hanagaki. He recently discovered that his ex-girlfriend died. He somehow moves 12 years back in time and further decides to prevent his ex-girlfriend from dying.

4. What should I do if even after having a subscription, I am not able to watch Tokyo Revengers?

4. Both the seasons of Tokyo Revengers might be restricted in your geographical region. In this case, you can istall a virtual private network on your system. You further need to select an area where this particular series is available. This way, you can manipulate your online location and watch Tokyo Revengers without any hassle.


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