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Kate Micucci Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life(2024)

Who is Kate Micucci?

Kate Micucci is one of the most popular American actress and comedian. She is also a famous music composer who is known as a significant part of Garfunkel and Oates, an American comedy folk duo. Her work partner, Riki Lindhome, an American actress, performs as Garfunkel. On the other hand, Kate Micucci performs as Oates. This is the reason why her fans call her by the nickname Oates. 

Kate Micucci was born on 31st March 1980 in Jersey City, New Jersey, United States. At present, she is 43 years and 10 months old. Kate has an impressive fortune as an actor. She has gained a lot of popularity all over the world. This is the reason why Kate Micucci net worth is something people are excited to know about. 

Full Name  Kate Micucci
Age 43 years 10 Months
Height 5 Feets 1 Inch
Date of Birth 31 March, 1980
Sign Aries
Gender Female
Nationality American
Birth Place Jersey City, New Jersey
Net Worth 3 Million Dollars
Profession American Actor and Comedian, Composer
Religion Roman Catholic
Ethnicity White
Residence Los Angeles. California
Partner Jake Sinclair

Kate Micucci Net Worth (2024)

Kate Micucci Net Worth (2024)

As per various sources, Kate Micucci has a net worth of 3 million Dollars. People often assume that her earnings as an American actress, comedian, and music composer are the main reasons that contributed to her net worth. However, this isn’t the complete truth. 

Kate is also a very successful American voice actress. She has voiced various characters in some of the most famous television shows. Hence, it is believed that people who might not recognize her by their physical appearance will surely recognize her voice. Also, this clearly indicates that Kate Micucci net worth is a result of her career earnings as an American actress, music composer, and a voice actress as well. 

Kate Micucci’s Early Life 

As previously mentioned, Kate Micucci was born on 31st March 1980 in Jersey City, New Jersey. She basically belongs to a family of Italian descendants. She was brought up by her parents, Lynn Micucci and Michael Micucci. All of them used to live in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, in the Lehigh Valley. Kate’s mother was very good at playing classical piano. As a result, she taught the same to Kate as well. This was one reason Kate Micucci started developing interest in music and other activities related to it.

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Kate Micucci’s Education

Kate Micucci did her high school at the Nazareth Area High School. After graduating from her high school in 1998, Kate went to the Keystone College in La Plume. She obtained an associate’s degree in fine arts from there. After that, Kate Micucci decided to pursue a bachelor of arts in studio art. She received a degree for the same in 2006 from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California. 

Kate Micucci’s Career 

Kate Micucci Net Worth (2024)

Kate Micucci net worth is a clear reflection of her successful career. Moreover, she has a long career history. To know in brief about Kate’s career, keep reading the information listed below.

Kate Micucci as a Voice Actress

Kate Micucci has voiced-over different characters from various television shows. One of them includes voicing over Webby Vanderquack in Duck Tales. Additionally, she also voiced-over the character Velma from Be Cool, Scooby Doo!, for total 99 episodes on the Cartoon Network channel. 

Kate Micucci as an American Actress

Kate has worked as an American actress in various famous shows. She played the role of Raj’s girlfriend (the main character), Lucy in the Big Bang Theory. She also made a notable appearance as Shelley in Raising Hope. 

Kate Micucci as a Comedy Music Composer

Apart from giving voice and acting, Kate Micucci is also the half part of a Garfunkel and Oates. It is an American comedy folk duo. She partners with Riki Lindhome, an American actress, to entertain her audience. 

Kate Micucci’s Source of Income 

She is presently working as an American actress. Additionally, she also performs as Oates at the American comedy folk duo Garfunkel and Oates. Hence, clearly, these two are Kate’s present sources of generating income. She makes good money from these two sources. Hence, we can expect a hike in Kate Micucci net worth in the upcoming years. 

Kate Micucci’s Real Estate

Kate Micucci Real Estate

As per various sources, Kate Micucci owns two houses: one in New York and one in Los Angeles, California. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding her New York house. Talking about her house in LA, Kate and her husband, Jake, purchased it for 1.8 million Dollars in 2019. The total area of this particular house is sixteen hundred square feet. 

Also, according to various sources, Kate recently listed her LA house for sale in July 2023. The sale price stands clearly at 3.5 million dollars. 

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Philanthropic Activities by Kate Micucci

Kate Micucci practices philanthropy by working as a passionate advocate for animal rights. She tries to spread awareness and support for animal rights through various work-related platforms. Additionally, Kate physically and financially supports various animal rescue projects. She has also funded a lot of treatments for rescued animals. Additionally, she puts her hand-drawn pieces for auction. The complete auction money is donated as charity to various animal support organizations.

Kate Micucci’s Physical Appearance

Height 5 Feets 1 Inch
Weight 115 lb (52 kg)
Eye Color Green
Hair color Dark Brown
Complexion White
Shoe Size 8

Personal Life of Kate Micucci

Kate Micucci Personal Life

Kate Micucci is married to Jake Sinclair. He is a famous American musician and recording producer. They both got married on February 17th, 2018. Kate and Jake welcomed their first baby boy in January 2020. They all lived in their Los Angeles house in California. However, things changed when Kate put her LA house on sale. Due to this, Jake and Kate, and their child, all three moved to their another house in New York. 

Kate Micucci’s Health

It was a very unpleasant surprise for Kate Micucci’s fans when she informed them that she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Fortunately, Kate became cancer-free by undergoing a lung surgery. She informed us of this by posting a TikTok video on 16 December 2023. However, the exact date of her cancer diagnosis and surgery is still not disclosed. 

Final words 

Kate Micucci net worth is a largely searched term on the internet. She is indeed an awesome American actress and comedy music composer. With her voice-over, Kate Micucci even made our childhood more fun and memorable. Also, even after being diagnosed with lung cancer, Kate Micucci did nver loose hope. He was always strong and courageous. This is one reason why people all around the world get inspired by Kate Micucci. Her dedication to animal rights also adds up to her being an awesome human being. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is Kate Micucci?

1. Kate Micucci is an American actress, comedian, and a music composer as well. She is a significant part of Garfunkel and Oates. Also she is also a famous voice actress who can be recognized by her voice.

2. What is Kate Micucci net worth?

2. According to various sources, Kate Micucci possesses a net worth of 3 million Dollars.

3. Did Kate Micucci voice over any famous characters from TV shows?

3. Yes, Kate Micucci has given voice to various characters from famous TV shows. Some of them include Webby Vanderquack from Duck Tales and Velma from Be Cool, Scooby Doo.

4. When did Kate Micucci get diagnosed with cancer?

4. Unfortunately, the exact date of Kate Micucci being diagnosed with lung cancer is not yet disclosed. However, according to sources, it was at the start of 2023 when she got to know about the same. However, she underwent lung surgery and is now completely cancer-free.

5. Is Kate Micucci married?

5. Yes, Kate Micucci is married to Jake Sinclair. It has now been six years since they both got married in 2018. Additionally, they have a baby boy who is now three years old.


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