How To Get Rid Of Termites Naturally
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5 Effective Ways How To Get Rid Of Termites Naturally 

You cannot leave termites unattended. Don’t let their tiny size fool you. Termites are absolute destroyers. They will ruin your furniture, walls, home. To assist you with the same, we decided to develop this blog on five effective ways how to get rid of termites naturally. We advise you to attentively read this blog to learn all of these natural ways. 

How To Get Rid Of Termites Naturally- The Five Ways of It 

1. Table Saltsalt- How To Get Rid Of Termites Naturally

Yes, that ordinary salt from your spice box, which you use daily, can assist you in getting rid of termites. When termites come in contact with salt, they tend to get dehydrated. This will either kill them. Or instead, leave them in a half-dead condition, eventually causing death. Moreover, using salt will not cause any side effects in your home. 

Salt can be used in different ways to kill and prevent termites from multiplying. You can directly sprinkle it all over the furniture and termites’ entry and exit points. Or, instead, you can use a salt solution for the same purpose. All you must do is add enough salt to the water. Give a good mix. Once done, spray on the furniture or every place where the termites are present. 

Salt will not only help kill and prevent termites but also prevent any termite infection from happening. Hence, using salt is one of the easiest and best ways of how to get rid of termites naturally. 

2. Vinegar and Lemon Solution 

vinegar and lemon - how to get rid of termites naturally
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Open that cupboard in your kitchen and grab that white vinegar bottle. Now go to your refrigerator and grab two or three lemons from it. Take a spray bottle and add vinegar to it. Now squeeze the lemons into it. Please give it a gentle mix, and that’s your answer to getting rid of termites naturally. 

It is believed that the termites hate the smell of vinegar. Hence, spray this vinegar and lemon solution all over your furniture and house. It is possible that even you don’t like the smell of vinegar. But, when vinegar comes into contact with air, the scent evaporates. This means that after a few hours of spraying the solution, your home won’t have any unpleasant smell. Also, we advise you to spread this solution continuously for at least four to five days for better results. This will not only help kill termites but also prevent them from growing. 

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What should you do if you don’t have lemons? 

Vinegar and Olive oil solution is the perfect answer to this question. 

If no lemons are in your refrigerator, you can substitute them with olive oil. But, the concentration of the solution will tend to change. Your termite-killing solution should contain exactly ¼ th (one-fourth) cup of vinegar with 1 cup of olive oil. Hence, this solution will be thicker than the lemon and vinegar solution. 

Some readers might fear spraying this solution in their houses simply because of the oil. But we suggest you not be afraid. Instead, apply a thick layer of this solution on areas with termites. However, unlike the lemon and vinegar solution, do not spray the olive oil solution all over your house. 

3. Orange Oil or Neem Oil Spray 

Orange Oil and Neem Oil
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Orange oil and neem oil can assist you with as methods on how to get rid of termites naturally. Because they are both oils, we decided to club them at one point. However, they possess different qualities that make them termite-repellant. Let us briefly discuss both of them.

Orange oil for getting rid of termites naturally

orange oil
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D-Limonene is a chemical which is found in oranges. According to various sources, it is believed that termites cannot tolerate the smell of D-Limonene. Also, it works as a deadly chemical for them. Orange oil is very rich in this chemical. Hence, only applying a few drops on termite-affected areas can help eliminate termites naturally. When the termites get in touch with orange oil, they are left with no option other than dying. 

Neem oil for getting rid of termites naturally

neem oil
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There are two ways in which neem oil can be used as a natural remedy to eliminate termites. Let us individually discuss both of them.

Directly applying neem oil drops to the termite-affected areas 

Neem oil won’t directly kill the termites present in your home. Instead, it is used to disrupt the reproductive cycle of termites. They do not tend to die when they come in contact with neem oil. Additionally, termites can sense that neem oil isn’t toxic to them. Hence, they do not avoid it. 

Neem oil stops the old and potential termites from multiplying. It will take some time. However, the termite colony will disappear if you regularly put neem oil drops in all the affected areas. 

Neem oil with soap water as a spray solution to kill termites

Neem oil mixed with soap water can also be the answer to how to get rid of termites naturally. All you need to do is mix some mild liquid soap in water. Add a few drops of neem oil to the soap water and mix it well. Once done, you can spray that solution on all the areas where termites are present. 

Neem oil will prevent them from multiplying. Whereas soap will suffocate the termites, eventually leading them to death. 


Important point

Neem oil is not toxic to children and adults. It can be used around them. However, you must take precautions if you have a bird or fish. Do not let your bird or fish come in contact with neem oil, as it can be toxic to them. 

4. Aloe Vera Gel or Petroleum Jelly

Vinegar and Lemon Solution 

Aloe vera gel and any petroleum jelly like Vaseline can assist you with getting rid of termites naturally. They both help in suffocating the termites and eventually leading them towards death. All you need to do is apply a thick layer of either of the one on the termite-affected furniture. Keep on reapplying it as soon as the first layer dries. In no time, all the termites present on your furniture will tend to disappear. 

Limitations of using aloe vera gel or Vaseline

No doubt, aloe vera gel and Vaseline are both some of the best ways of how to get rid of termites naturally. But they have certain limitations. The only drawback about both is that they are only suitable for furniture. Unlike other home remedies, you cannot apply Vaseline or aloe vera gel on every part of the house. It isn’t even a practical thing to do. Hence, this method can only help eliminate termites from your furniture. 

5. Sodium Borate or Borax or Boric Acid

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Call it sodium borate, borax, or boric acid; they all work in a similar way. Hence, you can use any one of them as a method of naturally getting rid of termites. They all will work the same for this particular thing. All you need to do is sprinkle the powder on the termite-affected areas. Borate or boric acid will suffocate the termites, along with dehydrating them. As a result, in no time, all the termites in your house will be dead. 

Boric acid or borate is not toxic to human beings. It won’t harm you in any way. Bust still, while sprinkling this powder, we advise you to wear a mask and gloves for further protection. 

Winding up

These were the five effective and affordable ways how to get rid of termites naturally. As per the blog, you can see that all the ways mentioned here consist of readily available products. Also, you will not have to employ any pest control service if you use any of these remedies. It would be best to try to eliminate termites from your home naturally. Also, remember to tell us about the results and your experience if you do.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are there any natural ways to get rid of termites?

1. Yes, of course. There are numerous ways to get rid of termites naturally. Some include sprinkling salt and boric acid or spraying vinegar and lemon solution everywhere in the house.

2. How do I use Vaseline to remove termites from walls?

2. Unfortunately, using Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly to eliminate termites is only practical in furniture. However, many other ways can be used to eliminate termites from the walls. The best way is to sprinkle boric acid or borate on the walls. This will instantly kill all the termites present in that area.

3. How can neem oil be used as a natural way of eliminating termites?

3. Neem oil can be used in two ways to eliminate termites. You can pour 2-3 drops of it over the termite-affected areas. Or, instead, you can mix neem oil with a soap solution and spray it everywhere in your house.

4. What type of salt can I use to eliminate termites?

4. Common salt you use daily can assist you in getting rid of termites from your house. You just have to look for termite-affected areas and sprinkle salt over them. However, it depends on whether you wish to use any particular brand or type of salt for the same purpose.


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