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Five Worst Places To Get A Tattoo On The Body

There are usually two main concerns people have before getting a tattoo. The first one is always, ‘How much pain will I bear when getting a tattoo?.’ And the second one is, ‘Will it look good on me?.’ We are sure you also have these two questions in your head. To provide you with an answer, we decided to develop our blog on the five worst places to get a tattoo. 

This blog will discuss five areas that are worst for getting a tattoo. These parts are laid down based on the pain they will cause and how they will appear on your body, once you get inked. Hence, you will get an answer to both of your questions by simply reading this blog.  

Five worst places to get a tattoo 

There is no specific answer to the general question, ‘How much will it pain when I get a tattoo?.’ This is because it entirely depends on the area where you decided to get inked. The same goes for, ‘Will my tattoo look good on me?.’ Here are five body parts mentioned which are amongst the worst places to get a tattoo. Check if this list includes the body part on which you decided to get inked or not.

1. Head

Worst Places To Get Tattoo- head
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Remember that unbearable migraine? How many medicines did you take to cure that? Or else, how much caffeine did you consume? Think of it as when you couldn’t bear a migraine. How will you handle those needles continuously piercing in your head? 

According to biology, the head/skull is one of the most vital parts of the human body

Ironically, it is the most sensitive area, according to tattoo experts. Getting a tattoo on your head can be a painful and irritating experience. Furthermore, the level of pain varies from individual to individual. This entirely depends on the pain-tolerating capacity of a person. But irrespective of these factors, there is a lot of pain involved while getting a tattoo on your head. 

Additionally, getting a tattoo on your head isn’t a great idea. This is because it simply won’t look good. Things become different if you are bald. However, your hair will cover the entire tattoo after a certain point. Hence, it wouldn’t be fine if you have one. 

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Hence, the head is the first one amongst the worst places to get a tattoo. 

2. Stomach or Waist

stomach or waist tattoo
Image Credit: Thai Tattoo

The only typical part in our body, both male and female, that stores fat is the stomach. Hence, whenever an individual undergoes any weight changes, the skin present on the stomach stretches and shrinks accordingly. This is why the gut might not be ideal for getting a tattoo. Depending upon the changes in your weight, your stomach tattoo might loosen or expand and look distorted.

Also, the pain level while getting a tattoo on the stomach will be less for people with tighter skin. Hence, individuals with looser skin on their stomachs will have a tough time getting a tattoo over there. 

Talking in a gender-specific way, for females, the stomach is one of the worst places to get a tattoo. Females tend to collect more fat around their stomachs than men. Also, women planning to get pregnant should never think of getting a tattoo on their stomach. This is simply because the tattoo will become blurred and distorted as their belly grows.  

3. Elbows and Knees

Worst Places To Get Tattoo
Image Credit: Traditional Tattoos

Both elbows and knees are very crucial joints in our body. They are made of three bones in total. Hence, this indicates that the skin on our elbows and knees is very close to the bones. This makes them the worst places to get a tattoo.  

The vibrations caused just above the bones by the needles while getting a tattoo can cause severe pain in that area. Additionally, knees and elbows are two body parts involved in continuous movement. These areas are very frequently stretched and creased as well. As a result, the tattoos on elbows and knees take a long time to heal. Also, the tattoo on your elbow or knee may fade out sooner than on other body parts. However, irrespective of your pain tolerance level, getting a tattoo on your elbow or knee doesn’t hurt much. 

4. Chest Area 

chest tattoo
Image Credit: The Tattoo World

 Chest tattoos are one of the most exciting and attractive things on a body. This is simply because, similar to the stomach, the chest area is comparatively more considerable than the other body areas. Hence, it is a perfect place to get big tattoos done. However, the rib cage is located right below a few layers of skin. This makes the chest a susceptible area. 

The only reason why the chest is among one of the worst places to get a tattoo is because of the pain. Irrespective of the pain tolerance level, the chest is a part where an individual experiences unbearable pain. The trunk and elbows are two different body parts. The only similarity is that they are both very close to the bones. Hence, all the explanations related to elbows and knees being the worst place for a tattoo hold for the chest as well. 

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5. The Front and The Back of Feet

feet tattoo
Image credit- Pinterest

 Feet are one of the worst places to get a tattoo. This is simply because there is continuous friction between the feet’ skin and either the floor or shoes and socks. Due to this, foot tattoos tend to fade away sooner. Also, uneven surfaces make creating a tattoo challenging for the tattoo artist. 

Tickling is another factor that doesn’t make feet an ideal place to get a tattoo. Yes, you might be a little surprised, but some people experience an itchy feeling when the needle touches the back of their feet. This makes it very difficult for them to stay still. Also, it eventually gets more challenging for the tattoo artist as well. 

Winding up

These were the five worst places to get a tattoo. All these places fall into this category because either they will cause you a lot of pain while getting a tattoo. Or instead, a tattoo won’t look good on that particular body part. However, getting a tattoo is a personal choice. It entirely depends upon your preference and pain tolerance level. After reading this you will be able to decide a better place to get inked. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why is the head the worst place to get a tattoo?

According to tattoo artists, the head is one of the most sensitive parts of our body. Constantly piercing needles will cause a lot of pain while getting a tattoo on your head. It will leave you with an irritating as well as painful experience. Furthermore, you must stay bald for the rest of your life to make your tattoo visible. Considering all this, the head is one of the worst places to get a tattoo.

2. Why does getting a tattoo on the chest cause a lot of pain?

The rib cage is located right below a few layers of skin. This means that our chest is only cushioned with a bit of skin. Vibrating needles will disturb the bones present in the rib cage, resulting in immense pain. Hence, getting a tattoo on the chest pains a lot.

3. Should men get a tattoo on their stomach?

Regardless of your gender, getting inked on your stomach pains a lot. Also, the skin on and around our waist is stretchy and soft. Hence, the tattoo might get blurred and distorted in case of weight fluctuation. Also, men with loose skin on their stomachs will experience great difficulty in getting a perfect tattoo.

4. Will getting a tattoo on my elbow cause much pain?

Getting a tattoo on your elbows or knees won’t hurt much. However, it depends on your pain tolerance level. But, the elbow tattoo tends to fade away with time. This is because we crease and stretch our elbows and knees regularly. This is also why knee and elbow tattoos take much time to heal.

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