John Force Net Worth

John Force Net Worth Early Life, Career, Personal Life (2023)

John Force has become a renowned figure in American history. Force is among the world’s best NHRA racers. He accomplished a great deal of professional achievements. With 155 career wins in the NHRA competition, he holds the record for most competition wins. Furthermore, John Force Racing Squad is the dream team of John Force. He takes off driving too. His girls are very well-known drag racers. Consequently, his entire family participates in the sport. Force is a multiple drag racing winner as well as a Funny Car winner. In addition, he has owned champion cars 21 times. That is a truly remarkable accomplishment. In this article, we will discuss John Force Net Worth and what made him so accomplished as a drag race driver.

Real/Full Name John Harold Force
Age 74 years
Net worth 25 million USD
Profession Professional Car Racer
Partner Laurie Force
Birth date 4th May, 1949
Birthplace California


John Force Net Worth

John Force Net Worth

A well-known and prosperous figure in drag motorsports is John Force. He has had a lengthy and brilliant career filled with many accomplishments. Drag Race became a family affair for Force, the drag racing icon. His auto racing squads are still driven by his sons-in-law. John Force’s profession has also brought him a sizable fortune.

John Force Net Worth is projected to be about 25 million USD. Additionally, he holds the record for most career triumphs with 155. Over the years, Force has accomplished a great deal. In Drag racing, he is the race winner with the most victories. He owns John Force Racing in addition to being an accomplished racer. All members of his family are involved with this squad.

Early Life and Education

Brute Force is the common moniker for John H. Force. His birthday is May 4, 1949. He was born in Los Angeles, California. His father’s name is Harold Force and his mother’s name is Betty Ruth Force. John had a difficult upbringing. He went from caravan parks to migrant agricultural land. He later developed polio, which he eventually overcame. Through treatment and his parent’s and family’s determination, he overcame childhood polio.

He came from a family of six. He was a high school soccer player who later attended Cerritos College. John developed a childhood fascination with racing and was racing by the time he was 21. He was raised in a big family and had financial difficulties in his formative years. But his enthusiasm for racing drove him to follow it, and in the end, he succeeded as a car racer.


John Force Net Worth

Force began his racing profession at the beginning of 1970. He drove many different cars and had incredible success during his entire professional life. Force had an outstanding career as a racer between 1987 and 1996. He was a dominant force in NHRA racing. With 67 wins, he cemented his place as the era’s dominant racer.

Force not only has an outstanding racing career but has won sixteen NHRA competing titles. He also won one trophy in the AHRA – Funny Car category. His group has additionally played a part in additional successes and achievements. John stayed successful well into the middle and end of the 1990s. From 1993 to 2002, he received 10 national championships, dominating the field. From 1997 to 2002, there were a total of six championships in a row under John’s name.

He also began assembling a racing squad at that period. Tony Pedregon operated his backup vehicle. He is Cruz Pedregon’s younger sibling and his fiercest opponent. Gary Densham, a close companion and associate racer of John’s, was in the third car. Force failed to win a championship in 2003 the first title he lost in 10 years. But the timing was perfect, as fellow player Pedregon captured his first-ever world championship. 

Career peaks

In 2004, Force made a comeback to the top after taking home his 13th global championship. Force achieved five victories in 2005. In the final race for the titles, he came in third place all around. He achieved his fourteenth national Funny Car Tournament subsequent year. He was involved in an accident in the state of Texas at the start of the following year, which did not go well. John was able to heal, though.

He returned to claim the Thunder Canyon Nationals presented by O’Reilly NHRA. Force sustained injuries in a collision in 2007. To finish the 2007 titles, he needed to be replaced by Phil Burkart Junior In the latter part of the 2000s, Force’s dominance began to wane. In 2008, he placed 7th throughout, and in 2009, he came in 9th. But Ashley, his young daughter, came in second place.

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Cars used

Force took to the wheel of his debut funny car, a 1971 The Stalker Mustang constructed by Jack Chrisman. During the start of his profession, he also raced many other vehicles, such as an Oldsmobile Cutlass, a Chevrolet Corvette, and the Monza. Up as long as the completion of the 1993 tournaments, he remained a member of the Cutlass since the 1980s. Later, he briefly moved to Ford, but he eventually went back to Chevrolet.

John Force Net Worth Over the years

Year  John Force Net Worth
2023 25 million USD
2022 23 million USD
2021 21 million USD
2020 19 million USD
2019 17 million USD
2018 16 million USD


Source of income

In the drag racing industry, John Force’s achievements and notoriety are unmatched. He has received many honors throughout his lengthy and distinguished career. His family has a long history of involvement in drag racing. His automobile teams are also driven by his daughter’s partner. In addition to his stellar track record, Force has accumulated a sizeable fortune. The approximate value of John Force Net Worth is twenty-five million dollars. his 155 wins over his career. Consequently, he maintained his standing among the most highly decorated people in the industry. 

Force commemorated 25 years of having the same sponsor in 2010. In addition, it marked his 34th National Hot Rod Association anniversary. He got the season off to a good start. At the Auto Club racing track in Pomona, John emerged victorious in the first race of the season. He kept on racing in the decade of the 2010s. His victories grew fewer in number. In the activity, he is still regarded as a titan and fierce rival.

Additionally, car racing has effectively turned into a family affair. His three children have all participated and taken home victories. At the Magic-Dry Organic Absorbent racing event in 2019, Force claimed the title for his one-hundred-fiftieth race. He went on to win the United States Nationals, which made the year very successful for him. John Force net worth is a whopping $25 million. Nearly all of Force’s funding comes from partnerships and cash awards. Force has made a substantial living from racing alongside advertising and other commercial endeavors.


His 134 career wins have elevated him to the top of the drag racing world. He has been dubbed “Bruce Force” because of his dominance in 10 consecutive NHRA titles. The first clan of drag race is the moniker given to his family. He won sixteen Raceway titles in the decade of 1990s. In 1996, he received the title of Car Driver of the Season for all US auto racing.

Consequently, he became the sole drag driver to get the honor. Following Don Garlits, Force is ranked the second among National Hot Rod Association’s Best 50 racers. In 2012, John was given the prestigious Lee Iacocca Trophy at Bristol’s Dragway. The reality television program “Driving Force” on A&E starred him and his whole family.

Real Estate 

In America, John Force has a very large following. He turned drag racing into a global phenomenon. He possesses a large number of American real estate holdings. California is where he was born. He has properties in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and several other cities. John lives in California, perched atop a steep hill. It’s both long and wide. This gives you breathtaking views of the Pacific Coast and Catalina. At night, one may view the Disneyland fireworks displays.

The home’s interior features multiple fireplaces, an underground wine cellar, a steam room, a reading room, a gymnasium, and an antique piano in addition to eight suites. The house has a gushing spring and an outdoor pool. 

In an exclusive conversation, John disclosed that he spent roughly ten million dollars building it. Given its amenities, the house would most likely sell for much more money. The home is occupied by John and his spouse. They don’t appear to be going to sell it. The home has more uses than just housing.

A portion of the home is a museum. Automobiles have been sold out of the museum. There, John hosts business meetings. But the museum offers more than just automotive history. John hosts cocktail events, trade exhibits, and weddings there. He sometimes used it as a setting for filmmaking.

Car Collection

John Force has been a multi-car owner and a highly accomplished drag racer. Force possesses an endless number of vintage American powerful automobiles. He has many Chevrolet Impalas and Camaro GTs. He also has a couple of more automobiles, including a Mercedes-Benz and a Jaguar Land Rover.

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In 1977, the celebrity drag racer set up the “John Force Racing” company. Force started driving for the squad and continues to do so. He began his career as a driver representing “John Force Racing” at its founding. Force competed for many teams and was sponsored by numerous companies. John Force Net Worth is reported to be approximately twenty-five million dollars.

John Force was a driver by trade. But he doesn’t have to drive to make money with this firm. All he needs to do is find the top drivers. Luckily, he could recognize skilled drivers. Tony Pedregon, JFR president Robert Hight, and Brittany Leighton Force were among the racers who contributed to his company’s success. The business generates revenue from more than just racing. Auto Week claims that it makes money from sponsors who put money into it. 

After all, sponsors anticipate a profit since they are investing. To ensure that the advertisers receive the funds they contributed back, the firm must win. John Force Racing squad uses strategies as well to draw in investment. Via auto exhibitions, off-track activities, and online platforms, the corporation exposes its investors. Certain shareholders may be pleased to invite more investors as they receive this kind of publicity.

Personal Life

John Force’s first marriage was with Lana Bonee. From his first marriage, Force also had a daughter named Adria. She is his eldest child. Adria is the finance manager of the John Force Racing team. She manages the accounting for four racing teams and approximately hundred staff members.Adria tied the knot with Robert Hight. John’s drag car racing team is led by him as president. Adria is no longer married to Robert Hight.

The romance between John and Laurie started in 1981. Afterwards, they said their vows and set out on a voyage. The drag motorsport world would be revolutionised by the pair. John’s fiery nature is perfectly complemented by Laurie. Her support has been a foundation during his racing career. They have overcome many obstacles together. The pair rejoiced over several accomplishments. As a result, they have demonstrated that their mutual affection and collaboration are the driving forces underlying the success they have achieved. The pair is the proud parents of three girls: Ashley, Brittany, & Courtney. They are also drag car drivers.


Force was competing against experienced Funny vehicle driver J.R. Todd when, around six hundred feet across the circuit, Force’s vehicle suddenly veered to the left. It went across the center line and became entangled in Todd’s car’s extended chutes in the opposite lane. Todd’s parachute entangled Force’s vehicle. It ricocheted off Todd’s car’s left front. Once more, the automobile veered over the center line. Force struck the concrete barrier of the right lane squarely.

Thankfully, John & Todd were able to exit their race vehicles and were moving around. They didn’t need to visit the infield care facility. Todd was completely unprepared for the whole thing. Force’s automobile pulled up alongside him first. He nearly side-slammed Todd’s vehicle before it collided. Force came around the back and pretty much locked Todd up. Todd had no choice but to accompany the journey. In a sense, he could not control his fate.


Q1. What caused John Force to quit from Ford?

Force stated time and time again that he wants to compete in a vehicle for a company that made its products in the USA, even though it was unclear whose manufacturer would take over from Ford. That left the brands Toyota, Chrysler, and Chevy.

Q2. What is John Force’s marital status?

Force makes it quite evident that he has been given an edge whenever it pertains to his loved ones. He decelerated for an occasion on the day of racing with his 67-year-old spouse Laurie Force to discuss their 37-year union, their life together, and living in a hectic environment. Their narrative resembles a drag racing tale of poverty to riches.

Q3. What is the total number of races that Force won?

John Force remains among the most accomplished drivers in the competition, claiming victory in 155 events throughout his National Hot Rod Association history.

Q4. Do any relatives of John Force participate in car racing?

Every member of the Force family competes in drag motorsports. His daughter’s partners are drivers for his motorsport teams. Whereas, his daughters proceeded to become well-known drivers.

Q5. Who was the first wife of Force?

Lana Bonee was Force’s first wife. She supported him while he tried to establish his career in the drag field. They have a child together.


Drag racing has gained international recognition because of the enormously popular figure John Force. During his racing career, John Force Net Worth grew immensely. He additionally placed his stamp on the history of auto racing. When it comes to recognition, John exceeds all others. He gained even more popularity as a result of the backing of his relatives in his career.

The projected net worth of a renowned drag driver is twenty-five million dollars. His remarkable accomplishments and titles have elevated him to an established celebrity in the racing community. As the proprietor of the “John Force Race” team and a racing star, he has greatly contributed to the global popularity of the activity.

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